Package com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters

A collection of views on one or more underlying segments.


Class Summary
AppendProtectedFilterSegment A filter that prevents appending entries to an underlying Segment.
DeleteSet A set of deleted IDs that are used to mask entries in external segments as deleted.
DeleteSetFilterSegment A FilerSegment employing a DeleteSet.
EmptySegment A read-only, empty segment.
FilterSegment A facade base class for subclassing and chaining specialized Segment functionality.
ReadOnlyFilterSegment A read-only view of an underlying segment.
SettableSegment Provides a way to slip a new Segment under an existing view.
SubSegment A fixed-count view of an underlying segment.
UnionSegment A union of segments.

Exception Summary
DeleteSetException Exception thrown by the DeleteSet class.

Package com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters Description

A collection of views on one or more underlying segments. The basic tactic employed here is the same as that used in the and classes: namely, the use of the facade pattern to chain various functionality, one on top of another.

Accordingly, almost all of the Segment types defined here are subclasses of FilterSegment. The one exception is UnionSegment which provides a composite view on a union of segments. Logo