Class ExceptionResponseFactory

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ExceptionResponseFactory
extends Object
implements ResponseFactory

A response factory that filters exceptions thrown by a contained ResponseFactory instance.

Babak Farhang

Constructor Summary
ExceptionResponseFactory(ResponseFactory inner)
          Constructs an instance that wraps the given inner instance.
Method Summary
 Stagelet getResponse(RequestHeader request, StageletStack stack, boolean asynchHint)
          Returns a response stagelet for the given request.
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Constructor Detail


public ExceptionResponseFactory(ResponseFactory inner)
Constructs an instance that wraps the given inner instance.

Method Detail


public Stagelet getResponse(RequestHeader request,
                            StageletStack stack,
                            boolean asynchHint)
Description copied from interface: ResponseFactory
Returns a response stagelet for the given request. At minimum, the implementation returns a header stage that writes out the HTTP response headers. More typically, the returned stagelet will itself be only responsible for writing the response content; for the HTTP response headers, it will first push a ResponseHeaderStage on the given stack. (Per the stagelet contract, it must wait to push this header stage after its init method is invoked.

Specified by:
getResponse in interface ResponseFactory
stack - if the returned stagelet is itself stack-aware, then it will push additional stagelets (e.g. the header response stage) onto the given stack. The rules for when and how stagelets can be pushed on the stack are described in the Stagelet interface.
asynchHint - if true, then the response stagelet should try to process non-network I/O based tasks asynchronously.
See Also:
Stagelet, HandletContext.processAsynch() Logo