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Packages that use Segment
com.faunos.skwish A lightweight library for storing blobs on the file system. 
com.faunos.skwish.sys The basic file-based Segment structure is implemented here. 
com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters A collection of views on one or more underlying segments. 
com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr The SegmentStore implementation. 

Uses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish

Subclasses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish
 class TxnSegment
          A Segment transaction.

Methods in com.faunos.skwish that return Segment
abstract  Segment SegmentStore.getReadOnlySegment()
          Returns the live read-only view of the committed segments.

Uses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys

Subclasses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys
 class BaseSegment
          The base implementation that is backed by an offset (index) and a contents file.

Uses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters

Subclasses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters
 class AppendProtectedFilterSegment
          A filter that prevents appending entries to an underlying Segment.
 class DeleteSetFilterSegment
          A FilerSegment employing a DeleteSet.
 class EmptySegment
          A read-only, empty segment.
 class FilterSegment
          A facade base class for subclassing and chaining specialized Segment functionality.
 class ReadOnlyFilterSegment
          A read-only view of an underlying segment.
 class SettableSegment
          Provides a way to slip a new Segment under an existing view.
 class SubSegment
          A fixed-count view of an underlying segment.
 class UnionSegment
          A union of segments.

Fields in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters declared as Segment
static Segment EmptySegment.DEFAULT
          The default empty segment with baseId set to zero.
protected  Segment FilterSegment.inner
          The inner segment to which member function calls are delegated.

Methods in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters that return Segment
static Segment EmptySegment.forBaseId(long baseId)
          Creates and returns a new empty segment with the given baseId.
 Segment SettableSegment.getSegment()
          Returns the underlying segment.
protected  Segment UnionSegment.getSegmentForId(long id)
          Returns the subsegment containing the given id, or null if no subsegment contains it.
protected  Segment UnionSegment.hiSegment()
          Returns the subsegment with the largest base Id.
protected  Segment UnionSegment.loSegment()
          Returns the subsegment with the smallest base Id.

Methods in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters with parameters of type Segment
 void SettableSegment.setSegment(Segment segment)
          Sets the underlying segment.

Constructors in com.faunos.skwish.sys.filters with parameters of type Segment
AppendProtectedFilterSegment(Segment inner)
          Creates a new instance with the underlying inner segment.
DeleteSetFilterSegment(Segment inner, DeleteSet deletedIds)
          Creates a new instance using the given inner instance, and deletedIds.
FilterSegment(Segment inner)
          Base constructor.
ReadOnlyFilterSegment(Segment inner)
          Creates and returns a read-only view of the given inner instance.
SettableSegment(Segment inner)
          Creates a new instance with the given initial inner instance.
SubSegment(Segment inner)
          Creates an instance whose entry count is frozen at the current value of the underlying instance.
SubSegment(Segment inner, long size)
UnionSegment(Segment[] segments)
UnionSegment(Segment[] segments, boolean checkOverlap, boolean readOnly, boolean autoSetReadOnly)

Uses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr

Subclasses of Segment in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr
static class LiveSegManager.FixedSegment
 class UnitDir.Seg
          A BaseSegment backed with files in the enclosing instance's directory.

Fields in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr with type parameters of type Segment
static Comparator<Segment> PrecedenceComparator.INSTANCE

Methods in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr that return Segment
 Segment Store.getReadOnlySegment()
 Segment Collector.getReadOnlySnapShot()
          Returns a read-only snap shot of the committed segments.
 Segment Collector.getReadOnlyView()
          Returns a read-only view of the committed segments.

Methods in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr that return types with arguments of type Segment
 List<Segment> LiveSegManager.getView()

Methods in com.faunos.skwish.sys.mgr with parameters of type Segment
 int s1, Segment s2)
          Compares the two given segments, firstly by their base IDs, secondly by which has more entries. Logo